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CF Press is committed to publishing original works that are research-based and reframe dominant narratives to affect social change. CF Press accepts works that are single or co-authored as well as edited books. Drawing on expertise in fields of practice related to critical pedagogies in education, wellness and disability, philosophy, leadership, and social policy, CF Press provides in-house peer reviews to aspiring and established academic authors.

CF Press is rooted in the ethics and values associated with critical friendship (Brewer & Wideman-Johnston, 2023) and is therefore committed to working alongside authors who require support in the writing and publishing process. CF Press is committed to elevating academic authors through competitive royalty schedules, featuring written promotional works by authors on our platforms, and through the Critical Friendship Revolution Research Initiative.

Critical Friendship book Revolution

The Critical Friendship Revolution

Leading Ethical Practice Through Authentic Relationships

You are the leader that strives to make changes. You are the leader who hopes for a better world. What if we told you the way to start is through friendship. In one way, critical friendship is the simplest approach to seeing change in our world, and in another way, it is so difficult that doing it well and widespread would be revolutionary.

The Critical Friendship Revolution redefines possibilities for leadership in education and beyond. Drawing on a vast canon of expert interdisciplinary research, Brewer and Wideman-Johnston connect fields of study in innovative ways to demonstrate how imperative it is to develop critical friendships in professional practice. This book will equip you to develop your own critical friendships and experience the revolution for yourself.

The Extrodinary Gifts cover

The Extraordinary Gifts

My Life with a Chronic Illness

It’s time for you to create a life full of meaning with The Extraordinary Gifts.  Taunya Wideman-Johnston’s narrative portrays her experiences living with a chronic illness. Through a heartwarming and intimate account of her own story, Taunya shares her discoveries of an abundant life filled with love, gratitude, and peace. With research to guide her discovery and a determined intention to advocate for others, she builds a purposeful disclosure grounded in hope about how life can be reframed into a strength-based perspective.